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About SupplySmart

Triadss’ flagship product SupplySmart is a software technology that caters to the management of goods and fiscals of its consumers’ products and services. It assists in the supply chain operations through its various modules – real-time tracking, dynamic route optimization, counterfeit goods identification, business intelligence, automation services, and SAP/Other ERP integrations.

The Business Impediments

SupplySmart lacked a centralized platform for the real-time tracking of the supply chain processes for its diverse clientele base. With each of its clients operating in different arrays of ERP software, seamless SaaS implementation sans eliminating unnecessary software and hardware upgrades turned challenging. With sensitive clientele data flowing in its systems, SupplySmart needed an IT infrastructure that offered better data integrity and security than its on-premise solutions. Further, as a rapidly growing organization, reaching global clients and scaling the business functions in momentum with the business growth seemed far-fetched with its on-premise infrastructure.

Why CloudForti

CloudForti helped SupplySmart understand that migrating to the cloud was the only feasible action to remediate its obstacles. As an AWS certified cloud solution provider, CloudForti was deemed the best vendor to go to, and SupplySmart wasn’t disappointed.

CloudForti’s AWS Solutions

CloudForti leveraged the following AWS services to engineer optimal results for SupplySmart.

  • Amazon EC2

  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon VPC

  • Amazon EFS

  • Amazon RDS

  • Amazon DynamoDB

  • Splunk

  • Amazon Kinesis

  • Cloud Checker

  • Amazon CloudFront

  • Microservices with DevOps

SupplySmart’s Success Story

SupplySmart surmounted its business challenges at ease, through CloudForti’s cloud migration and DevOps services. The firm is now able to render unsurpassable services to its clients. Breaching all boundaries, SupplySmart gives the assurance to its clients that all data collected and managed complied with their respective country’s governance policies. By reducing its on-premise hardware, SupplySmart is saving plenty of its investments while redirecting them to fruitful business ventures. What’s more, the company garners real-time analytics into its solutions for its clients. SupplySmart further either expands or shrinks its IT infrastructure as per the business needs – thus eliminating unnecessary spending on redundant architectures.

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About the Client

The client is a global aviation organization with equity and subsidiary investments organized into four distinct business spectrums around air transportation services, aircraft leasing, ground services, and talent development. The firm ensures profit and loss accountability and unearths the values of various assets by driving novel levels of operational efficiency for its clients.

The Business Impediments

The client relied heavily on its on-premise data centers, and invariably it escalated its expenditures. Besides, data center expiration collapsed its customer data, leading to colossal losses. The fundamental challenge was its inept data storage medium to handle the explosive clientele data. That said, an increasing amount of data impacted the database size. Since data expiration was common, security and data integrity weren't resilient to disintegration. Into the bargain, the aviation organization found it complicated to integrate ERP with third-party aviation software.

Why CloudForti

As an AWS certified cloud solution provider, CloudForti emerged as the aviation organization's perfect partner to overcome its hurdles by embracing cloud technology. CloudForti's adept means of delivering the best to the table for its clients turned up as a fringe benefit.

CloudForti’s AWS Solutions

CloudForti implemented the following AWS services to fabricate the desired results for the aviation company.

  • AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

  • Cloud Endure

  • AWS EC2

  • AWS S3

  • Glacier

  • RDS

  • DynamoDB

  • CloudWatch

The Aviation Firm's Success Story

By migrating to the cloud, the aviation player successfully brought about a 30% to 40% reduction in its operating expense. Further, it achieved almost nil capital expenditure for its data center setups past their expiration. Being hosted on the cloud, the company is facilitating seamless integration with ERP software to render impeccable services for its clients. As a result, the organization is witnessing better productivity among its employee workforce and enhanced collaboration between its various departments. Furthermore, data security is no longer a threat. For CloudForti has developed the cloud architecture in concordance with global IT protocol governance and compliances.

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