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At the core of it, the cloud is the answer to accelerated innovation and intelligence, and in turn, business value. At CloudForti, we make the promise of the cloud a reality. Enable a revolutionary digital transformation for your business today, with the real experts.

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The benefits offered by the cloud are too good to pass by. We hope by now that you would have apprehended why your competitors are buzzing about this technology. To help you get a leg up, we shall now delve deep into what we do.

The Unparalleled Cloud Computing Services of CloudForti

We facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud by leading you through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations. Through our customer-centric approach, data analytics, and pre-set templates, we ensure an effective and systematic adaption with minimal disruption. Let’s enlighten you on what we could do for you.

The Demand for Cloud Computing Services is Escalating

With the inception of Industry 4.0, businesses are being transformed into cloud businesses. The reason for such a tremendous change is attributed to the agility that the cloud brings. It makes it possible to reimagine your business and industry functions to incarnate the fabric for innovation across your entire enterprise.

On one end of the spectrum, companies that have begun their transformation are paving the way forward. While the rest are looking to expedite their means of cloud migration.

At CloudForti, we help our clients architect, migrate, and operate their businesses in the cloud. We are also committed to unraveling the cloud-enabled business value, talent, speed, cost, and innovation benefits.

Rooted in the cloud computing services domain, we delegate the full stack of cloud services spanning adoption strategy, migration, architecture and governance, DevOps, and security and compliance. Our services are encompassed in the right ecosystem to help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

What’s more, as an AWS certified partner, you can trust us to deliver better than the best cloud computing services

The Cloud Enlightenment Conclave – Explore How Players are Exploiting the Trailblazing Technology



Intuit leads the IT finance sector and is recognized as the leading financial management software provider for businesses, consumers, and accounting professionals.

Pain Points

It was at the time when Intuit’s lease for its on-premises environment running its TurboTax AnswerXchange application was due, that the enterprise felt the burden of customer spikes during the tax season and its inability to prolifically bring a solution.

The Cloud Good News

Reduced costs by a factor of six since idle servers that were operating only during the tax season didn’t have to be maintained otherwise

Subsequently, Intuit migrated 33 of its applications and 26 of its services to the AWS cloud to accelerate its IT developments and thereby to address the customer demands proficiently

Haven Power


Haven Power is an energy organization situated in Ipswich. With its inception back in 2006, the firm is committed to serving the power needs of small to medium scale businesses. Besides, to the large multinational power suppliers, it proffers alternatives.

Pain Points

Initially, the company nurtured a hybrid infrastructure that consisted of both on-site and off-site servers. The business lacked the flexibility that it desired. Its on-premise solution, nearly five years old, was nearing the end of its life.

The Cloud Good News

Increased performance by reaching an 80-millisecond response time from 500 milliseconds

Benefitted an upfront cost saving of approximately 250,000 Euros



Viskase is a Chicago, IL-based company that works among the processed meat and poultry industries by supplying fibrous, cellulose, and plastic casings.

Pain Points

The company lacked a dedicated SAP disaster recovery plan and was storing all data in a traditional tape backup environment. To reduce the downtime during the transition while also to facilitate quick ramp-ups in the event of an IT catastrophe, the company needed a more efficient but lower-cost solution than the tape backup.

The Cloud Good News

Restoration of services from two days was brought to under an hour

The disaster recovery plan was expanded to include all its current SAP instance to deliver almost a 100% uptime commitment

Propel the Trajectory of Your Growth

Intuit, Haven Power, and Viskase are just a few examples that we have laid out to help you understand how the cloud is helping businesses make unfathomable strides. Just like these businesses, you could also move to the cloud and leverage our services, to amplify your bottom line.

Let’s steer you through our promising benefits when you partner with us.


Through our cloud computing services, we address your tough security complications that come in the likes of unwanted traffic outside a specific scope that tries to access the machines on which your data and apps reside. Additionally, we ensure automatic security updates so that your IT infrastructure wouldn’t stand vulnerable in the face of the latest threats.


When you migrate to the cloud, you could deploy your services and applications quickly. Instead of purchasing servers and installing the required operating system for the same, and then deploying it into a data center or a network, you could scale substantially by accessing the cloud provisioned servers and other resources in a few steps.


The cloud environment makes it feasible for your organization to connect and work remotely. Via collaboration and communication tools, databases, and other services documents could be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and be worked upon. While sending all the files back and forth is inefficient and time-consuming, you could leverage our cloud computing services to reduce the unnecessary labor in this spectrum.

Cost Optimization

What makes the cloud adoption strategy truly bounteous is its ability to deliver more at reduced costs. Companies that leverage the cloud can lower their costs while running their services on the cloud. With a local server, you need to balance out the ongoing maintenance and the support costs that add to your total budget. But all these intricacies are wiped clean in the cloud environment.

Disaster Recovery

When you store your data on the cloud, it is easy to recover when calamity strikes. What’s interesting is that you could save time and investment while incorporating these recovery operations. Irrespective of the size of your business, the cloud computing services are most real and ideal.

Dynamic Backup and Logs

Backup and logging metrics are indispensable when you have to execute your disaster recovery plan. While the backups will help you resume your operations, the logs could offer certain critical information to assist you in discovering how the catastrophe began in the first place.

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